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What does FidoNet cost ?

FidoNet is an amateur electronic mail system. As such, all of its partici- pants and operators are unpaid volunteers. From its early beginning as a few friends swapping messages back and forth (1984), it now includes over 25,000 systems on six continents.

FidoNet is not a common carrier or a value-added service network and is a public network only in as much as the independent, constituent nodes may individually provide public access to the network on their system.

On IB-BBS there is no charche for your participation in FidoNet. However, we have to limit the possibility to write messages to VIP and IVP users since international FidoNet policy ask us to give write acces only to users from wich their identity has been verified. Since we have no way to be sure about the correct identity of Normal users, we can not grand Fido write acces to Normal users. Normal users will be able to READ all messages and also can receive personal Netmail.