Sorry, maar deze file is enkel in het Engels beschikbaar.

Rules on FidoNet for Netmail and Echomail

It contains important information for you on
what is allowed and what's not on FidoNet and
on IB-BBS. You can easily loose your access
by not following these simple rules! Please read!


- First read an echo for a while before posting in the area. This way you can feel what the topic is about. Read the rules of the echo before posting in an echo. Echo Rules are published regularly in the echos themselves and for Belgian echo's are available too in the file B-RULES.ZIP. - Stay on topic and be polite - Never write a personal message in Echomail. Only post messages in echomail is they are of interest to more than one person in that group. If you need to send a personel message to someone, use Netmail, ALSO if your message is a reply to a public echomail message. If it is personal, use NetMail! - Follow the instructions of the moderator. - If you do not follow the echo rules, you will receive a warning from the echo moderator. If you do not abide to his message you will receive a second warning. After that the moderator will instruct the sysop of this BBS to limit FidoNet acces for the user in question. The sysop of this BBS will follow these instructions (or otherwise the whole BBS will be cut of from FidoNet). Since it is not practically faisable to limit acces to one conference without impairing others, write acces to all conference will be cut off in such a case......


- Messages are limited to 9000 bytes per message - You can not send files with your fido messages