Welcome to the IB-BBS home page!

IB-BBS is one of the oldest and largest Brussels BBS systems. On-line 24h/24 since end 1986
(Long before anyone heard about a thing called "Internet")
It can be reached directly by modem or ISDN or over the Internet by using the telnet protocol.

IB-BBS is a non-profit organisation, has the form of a "computer telecommunication club" and has as a principal goal to make datatelecommunication more accessable to amateurs, hobbyists and the larger public. IB-BBS runs a "Bulletin Board System" (BBS) for more than 17 years now (!), and since 1998 also started providing Internet connectivity and precsence to its members. For more information please connect to our BBS system or write a message to 

IB-BBS has an intensive local message base, a nice multiuser chat system, some nice on-line games, FidoNet messages and even some files :-). You can have a FREE test account with 50 min acces per day during 30 days in exchange for your REAL name adress and phonenumber. (We won't tell anyone this info, we just need it to check you don't make a 100 test accounts, and also because the BBS community uses REAL names, no anonymity. This is our phisilophy of telecommunication and is also a requirement to participate on the woldwide Fido message Network.)

If you like the system, you can become a member for 15 Eur/year. You then have acces for 120 min/day, a personal e-mail box on the BBS, FidoNet netmail and echomail, more priveledges in the games, and much more. For 37 Eur/y you are Internet VIP member and we'll provide you with all above plus unlimited dial-up Internet acces, POP3 e-mail and room for your personal webpage.

If you have a good telnet client program that can interpret ANSI color, then you can reach IB-BBS also over the Internet by using telnet to bbs.ibbbs.be (32 lines). Windows 98 has one build in (Hyperterminal). If you do not use Win98 and do not have a good telnet client then you can download one and install it first. For Windows 95 we recommend to upgrade your Hyperterminal to version 4.0 HyperTerminal4 (official free upgrade from Hillgrave/MS). For win 3.1 or 3.11 please look here. If you have a Macintosh, then please look here!

If you do not have Internet acces or want higher speed for downloading files, then you can also acces IB-BBS directly by modem (300-56000 bps) or ISDN: call +32 2 5131790. (02/5131790 if you are located in Belgium)

You will need a terminal program to make the call, preferably one that understands ANSI-BBS terminal emulation and Z-modem filetransfers. This is a different software (much simpler actually) then you use to connect to the Internet. You probably have one on your computer even if you never used it before (Windows includes one called Hyperterminal) or probably received one with your modem. It is the basic kind of program meant to use a modem. For Macintosh we recommend Zterm 1.0.1. or Proterm (Proterm does also telnet).

Accepted modem standards are V21, V22, V22b, V32, V32b, V32T, V.FC, V34, V34+, x2 and V.90 (56k). If you don't understand these standards, just forget them. This long list means that IB-BBS will accept calls from virtually every modem, so just call us, most modems will figure out for themselves. ISDN protocols we can handle are X.75, V.120 and V.110. If you have problems to connect, please leave us a message here, explaining what happens and if possible the brand and model of your modem :-).


Hope to see you soon on IB-BBS!,
Kind regards,

Your IB-BBS Sysops.

IB-BBS, The Telecommunication Computerclub, +32 2 5131790, fido 2:292/786, e-mail:  , telnet://bbs.ibbbs.be, Webpage at http://www.ibbbs.be.